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Missing persons and unidentified remains databases around the world

2019.06.02 22:37 readthinkfight Missing persons and unidentified remains databases around the world

I have been searching but can’t find a global list of missing persons/unidentified remains databases. Searching for “database” on this thread mostly uncovered the usual suspects (NamUs, Charley Project, Doe Network) although there were some great previous threads such as , so I thought it was worth some digging.
Even if you’re primarily interested in missing people or a perpetratosuspect’s victims from your own country, there’s still several instances where international databases may be helpful. Some people travel out of the country a lot or have family in other countries. Lots of borders are fluid or easy to cross, and we know several serial killers who killed in multiple countries. In this day and age, using the translate function in browsers like Google Chrome means people may be able to search relatively easily. Plus, a lot of information is visual or categorical (like height, weight, and hair color), so that also makes translation less of an issue.
So, here’s a start…
U. S.
The U. S. has several overlapping databases at the federal and state level. For brevity I am only listing the nationwide ones. I know some states do not report certain state level crimes at the federal level; I am not sure if this is the case for missing persons or remains. If so, perhaps state websites should be listed as well. (Can someone clarify?)
National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (aka NamUs):
There is also the FBI ViCAP’s page on unidentified persons:
ViCAP’s missing persons:
Canada’s National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains:
Registro Nacional de Datos de Personas Extraviadas o Desaparecidas:
North America (Native/Indigenous women)
United Kingdom
UK Missing Persons Unit (oddly, this only has a search for unidentified remains):
Missing People (charity, has search for missing people):
Netherlands Politie Unidentified Persons:
Netherlands Polities Missing People:
Itaka Centre for Missing People:
An Garda Siochana (Ireland National Police) Missing people:
Centro Nacional de Desaparecidos:
Polícia Judiciaria
Chi L’Ha Visto?
This is a site hosted by Radiotelevisione Italiana, which is the national public broadcasting company in Italy. This site has a ton of missing people (Scomparsi) and also unidentified remains (Corpi senza nome). There is also a section on mysteries (misteri) which has descriptions of unsolved crimes.
Germany has missing people writeups on each of its various state polizei pages (e.g., for Bavaria/Bayern there are missing people: and unidentified bodies: ) but I can’t find a comprehensive national database.
This seems to be a federal site, but limited to cases where there is federal involvement (rather than all the cases in the country). Under the Fahndung nach Personen tab and the dropdown alle personen (all people) you can search Vermisste (missing persons) or unbekannte tote (unknown dead).
Vermissten Register Deutschland:
Allegedly this has a missing persons database (vermisstendatenbank) but I can’t get it to work on multiple browsers.
Gendarmerie Nationale Ministere de la Defense: http://judiciaire.gendarmerie.interieur.gouv.fjudiciaire/
I don’t read French, and Google translate doesn’t work on these pages so I’m not sure if this is the official page or not. Maybe someone who reads French can help. I hope it’s not because it’s terrible—so bad it makes U.S. government sites look modern. It has missing adults (disparitions de majeurs), missing children (disparitions de mineurs), and unidentified bodies (identifications de cadavres).
Assistance et Recherche de Personnes Dispaures: https://www.arpd.fgalerie.php
This is an organization’s site but they have a photo gallery with crude searching ability.
Federal Police site:
This site has missing people (personnes disparues), unidentified (“dead people,” personnes décédées), unknown persons (including victims and unidentified living, personnes inconnues), and unsolved murders/suspicious deaths (meutres ou décès suspects).
Police Lëtzebuerg:
This is the missing persons page, but of course it is a small country so not much.
Individual territories also typically have pages on missing people and sometimes unidentified remains (e.g., Queensland’s is ). I don’t know how consolidated reporting is at the federal level.
Australian Federal Police Missing Persons:
New Zealand
New Zealand Police Missing Persons:
India -- thanks u/mistrali2 !
Have not found a national level database yet, but it appears there are missing persons searches on the police sites of various states (e.g., for Maharashtra).
India Ministry of Women and Child Development (missing children):
This allows for national searches by name or you can narrow by state.
Brazil -- thanks u/bassabr !
Have not found a national level database yet, but it appears there may be missing persons searches on the police sites (Polícia Civil) of various states (e.g., for Rio Grande do Sul: ).
Ecuador -- thanks u/arnodorian96 !
South Korea -- thanks u/frenchipie !
National Center for Missing Children (also disabled adults): http://eng.missingchild.or.k
Taiwan -- thanks u/traiyadhvika !
National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior (missing persons & unidentified remains search):
Doe Network: International Center for Unidentified & Missing Persons:
Doe Network covers many countries, but it looks like a lot of their information is scant or from a specific time period (e.g., many European countries do not have missing persons past 1999).
The Charley Project:
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children:
Interpol Yellow Notices (missing people reports):
There seems to be an Interpol unidentified remains database as well but the only site I found is 404.
Cruise Ships
Cruise ships are very bizarre in how missing persons are handled. International waters have one set of laws, ships themselves are under governance of where the ship is registered (often a country very far away from where the ship is), or sometimes it is the country the ship is closest to (if they are within their waters). If someone goes missing during a cruise it can be very hard to determine where the ship was and thus who the investigating agency should be. Thus, I am listing these two sites with info on missing people tied to cruise ships:
Cruise Ship Missing:
Cruise Junkie list of overboard passengers:

Does anyone have links to databases in other countries?
EDIT: Thanks so much to various users for providing more links--please keep it up! I have added and u/ checked you :) Also, many thanks to the kind stranger for the gold--I promise to use it wisely.
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